Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We Have Not Yet Learned

We Have Not Yet Learned

Somewhere a man is shocked
when another person loves the way he looks,
says it.

He had been privately calling himself haggard
and weak for the last year.

The art student draws the dimpled thigh
of the nude model

without looking at the paper.
The more she looks

at the body on the platform,
the better the line.

Our bodies, forgive us.
We have not yet learned

that one year the bone shows more,
and another, the fat.


  1. Wonderful concluding lines, Hannah.

  2. I agree with Maureen. Those last two stanzas are stunners.

  3. So true that the more we look the better the line...I took one or two years of nude drawing and followed you along on this lovely poem. Happy Tuesday to you Hannah!


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