Friday, October 18, 2013

Bookmarks List/Bedside Table

Currently reading and enjoying...

-Tessa Mellas’s just-released Lungs Full of Noise. What a beautiful and weird book--just what I love. More on this later. 

-This article/collection of images on io9 showing what the world looks like through a cat’s eyes.
-Tina, such a bizarre and awesome book of poems by Peter Davis (who was just in town for Paging Columbus!). Here’s a video of one of my favorite poems in the book, “Emily Dickinson,” and here’s another poem from the book at Verse Daily, “The Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

-Feeling much gratitude and love for kind words about my book this week. Here’s a recent interview at Vouched Books (as part of their fun Awful Interview series--thanks to Tyler Gobble for his great questions!), and a beautifully-written review by Anne Champion in Rattle. Thanks to everyone who is reading the book (so happy it is finding its way to you!).

Happy weekend, y’all. Who’s doing some pleasure reading this weekend?


  1. Had to share that videopoem on FB. I'll be sure to look for "Tina".
    Have a wonderful weekend, Hannah.

  2. I started reading your book over the weekend and keep going back for more and more. The Rattle interview is wonderful, and well-said.

    Congratulations, Hannah, on producing a great book, and for the deserved recognition it brings you and your work.


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