Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toward a More Elegant Attention

Toward a More Elegant Attention

Oh big branch in the river
who will get you out
who will fetch you

When a dog holds a stick
in his mouth

moves it across the park
and leaves
the memory lives in the dog’s jaw

and in the fallen stick

But when someone burns that stick
and years later, the dog is gone

where can the truth survive

Where did all of these sticks come from
you would think a whole forest
has been released

a passel of arrows

The remembered pets
how a human calls a human
who was a child alongside them

just to say
remember what a good dog she was

The light
doesn’t want to say
anything to anybody


  1. nice, especially in reference to the stick and the dog. they both carry such fond memories; the stick to the ancients, the dog for its love

    gracias, mi amiga

  2. where indeed can the truth survive...lovely poem Hannah : )


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