Thursday, October 10, 2013



Your head is delicate,
your thoughts are delicate,

here is a bag of bird feathers
to lift you into sleep,

never mind about where
the birds are now,

you are in their branches,
blossoms and leaves

between your toes, you will
wake up in the morning

when you wanted to, the self
tonight will be supplanted

by the self of the next day,
you have to know it will all be

there as you left it, you have to
stop thinking about those birds.


  1. Interesting work by Emily Weiner.

    I like your transition from that somewhat soft opening to the harshness of the "bag of bird feathers"; it's mimes that jolt into awakeness we experience, which is then followed by a kind of lulling that finally allows one to get back to sleep. Like the title a lot, too.

  2. I enjoyed reading this, Hannah, and the surprise at the end. It captures going to sleep perfectly, with the comfort of a soft feather pillow, yet it can't cushion everything and quiet every nagging thought.


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