Thursday, October 3, 2013

Everything Talks to Everything Else When We’re Not Looking

Everything Talks to Everything Else When We’re Not Looking

Tree holding up its yellow leaves.
The next week, circle of yellow

on the grass, tree trunk plunged into
the center. Rolled hay standing in

spools in a half-emptied field,
grasses high behind it, ready to

be gathered. Light that returns
when the wind wakes up, and tiny

spider with orange and black striped
legs that crawls out from beneath

the handle of my car door just as
I’m about to get back inside.


  1. Another of your good turns at the end. Both spider and car work against the pastoral that came before. The spider should belong in a natural setting, but most of us won't allow it, would rather s/he stay out of sight and consciousness. The metal of the car is still more of a contrast, but we all want our wheels, so we can go look at nature's beauty from a safe distance. I don't mean that you've come to a neat, canned moral--quite the opposite, in fact--a nice open-endedness--here are the images, calmly stated.

  2. I believed that this was true when I was a child; I believed it so fiercely. Even as an adult, the rational part of my mind can't silence the part of me that still thinks this.


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