Friday, October 11, 2013

On Creativity: Muse-ic

This week, I wrote a post over at Spoonful revisiting music and creative ritual. While writing poems in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been obsessed with Volcano Choir’s Repave and Moby’s Innocents.

I was delighted (read: jumping up and down and yelling “EEEEK!”) to see that Damien Jurado is featured on one of Moby’s tracks. “Almost Home” has been helping me with my poems--it is exactly what I want from music that I write to.

What songs/albums/artists have helped you to create?

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  1. If I think a piece requires more straightforward language, I'll listen to Elliot Smith. He can be literal in a way that makes me realize metaphor and wordplay can't always be best for a message. Other lyricists can come off as lazy or un-creative when stripped down. He doesn't, for some reason.

    If I need rhyming inspiration, I listen to "Grey Alien Suits" by OG Hindu Kush. Multisyllabics on display.

    I typically have music playing all the time, ear buds or computer speakers. The Decemberists are good for a storytelling mood. Pinback is good for sussing length from a single theme. Having a few hundred songs on shuffle, in general, helps me with the lame-o periods of writers block. Great topic, by the way.


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