Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shared Dream

Shared Dream

White lace dress in a dark room.
Mist in the trees, low light.

Former lover in a busy train station,
entering a train you can’t get to.

The clock, later every second
that you look at it, hours going.

Hot upstairs of a house.
Lemonade you spill with each step.

The dog, dead when you were
a child, alive, barking at the back door,

your shirt that won’t come off,
your mouth that can’t make sound.


  1. I love it -- the dream as surreal, the surreal as the dream. There must be something shared, because I had a dream poem of sorts myself today too.

  2. One of your whamo closures. Excellent. But in a completely subjective way, perhaps, I also love the "Hot upstairs of a house"--I remember one from childhood--and the simple added detail that it's the BACK door the dog goes to. And finally the sticky shirt, though I've already praised the ending. I like the mist in the trees pretty well too, Hannah. This one's a winner.

  3. Ah, so mysterious, so beautiful!

  4. I've had the "scream laryngitis" while sleeping. Can't yell at anyone. Definitely shared, I would never have thought to write about it.


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