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The Storialist is Hannah Stephenson, a poet, writer, editor, and instructor living in Columbus, Ohio She is the author of In the Kettle, the Shriek (Gold Wake Press), editor of The Ides of March: An Anthology of Ohio Poets (Columbus Creative Cooperative), and a poetry and arts blogger for The Huffington Post; her writing has appeared in publications that include The Atlantic, Hobart, 32 Poems, Sixth Finch, Poetry Daily, and The Nervous Breakdown

She is the founder of Paging Columbus!, a literary arts monthly event series. If you are a writer in Columbus or swinging through Central Ohio, and you'd like to chat about reading for Paging Columbus, please get in touch.

About The Storialist

Hannah began The Storialist in July 2008, determined to make poetry a part of her daily life. As a lifelong people-watcher and daily reader of the fashion blog, The Sartorialist, she found herself wondering about the lives of the people in the photos...who were they, what were they in the middle of, where were they going, how did they get there, what was in their pockets and purses, what instruments did they play, who were they connected to and disconnected from? Initially, Hannah's Storialist poems were companion pieces or imagined backstories to The Sartorialist's daily images.

Now, Hannah still writes and posts poems every weekday, but her sources for inspiration have widened considerably. Most frequently, her work links to paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture, and photography. And while these pieces of art are indeed jumping-off points for inspiration, the Storialist poems are not dependent on the images they link to. Rather, the Storialist plays with these images--constructing new contexts, describing, imagining, inventing.

Hannah welcomes your comments and ideas. Feel free to drop her a line should you have any questions, or images that you would like to share.

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