Monday, April 8, 2013

Picture Frames Are Guardrails

Picture Frames Are Guardrails

Every painting
is an opening to a cave

a window’s rationed

glass of ocean sloshing
on a still tabletop

pothole in the top
of a mountain

that might soon start
throwing fire


  1. A lovely ekphrastic poem, Hannah.

    I'm especially taken by the different ways you've conveyed openings and what's seen through or emitted from them.

  2. I like your central idea today, Hannah, but even more, I like these individual images. The title and the opening couplet, then “rationed wilderness”—I bet we could discuss that for days. Then “ocean sloshing”—how many would have thought of “sloshing”? I’m very glad you did! Michigan’s nickname, as well as winter’s, might well be “The pothole state.” So for me, putting that on a mountaintop as prelude to a volcano has authenticity and impact (the pothole more than the volcano, actually, but that’s obviously just me). Good stuff!

  3. "a window’s rationed

    What perfect lines.


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