Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Wide Quietness

This Wide Quietness

Making a mountain
into a garden

requires three things:
you eyeballing

your terrain, distance
you condense

by blurring your vision,
and a mountain.

Stone could be moss,
snow and rocks

can become flowers
if enough hours

you devote to gentle
attention. Fennel

flowers, blush and plum
foxgloves, come

closer. You want more
beauty to care for.


  1. Skillful rhymes, and I like that final thought a lot. A long time ago at my place, I mentioned a professor's comment, years ago. Paraphrased, it goes, "We always try to set Good against Evil, with limited success. Why not set Beauty against Evil?" Your poem reminds me that I wonder if we could USE beauty more than we do, instead of merely remarking upon it.

  2. Happy New Year, Hannah!

    I love the thought behind "making a mountain / into a garden" and our need for "more / beauty to care for."

  3. A great way to start the new year: your poem, and a beautiful end line -- "You want more beauty to care for."

    Thank you Hannah.

  4. A hymn to absolute positivity! A great start to a new year. All happiness and health to you and yours, Hannah!

  5. A perfect verse to start the new year. Love to you, Hannah!!

    Also - you and I must be on the same wavelength. Was looking out my kitchen window at the 'mountain' that sits in my backyard, trying to imagine a greenhouse and a winding path instead of just moss and kudzu.

  6. Great title.

    Also, perception really can be everything.


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