Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mountain Climbing Highly Dangerous, Studies Show

Mountain Climbing Highly Dangerous, Studies Show

Each year, the mountain loses more
of itself, its footing. Ice fall and avalanche

in place of an unmoving surface. Inside,
stretched and shifting, a piano slipping

out of tune. Mountains of today are not
the mountains of your childhood. If Heidi

brought Klara up the mountain today,
would her healing have been so certain,

could the strong rock and new air fully
steady her. Do you know what the cookie

said to the doctor: Doc, I’m feeling a little
crumby. And then the doctor says, right,

that’s supposed to happen. Don’t worry,
cookie, you are falling apart, but so am I.


  1. And it seems that everything is okay if expectations are met.

    The piano comparison was really very good.

  2. Ha! A little whimsy from Hannah today. Did you know that my nickname is "Cookie"?

  3. Fun poem, Hannah, that also has its deeper meaning. Always a delight to read your work!

  4. I love how this poem takes us from place to place, yet it's all related; and I especially like the contemplation about Heidi, Klara and the mountain. If it's not the same mountain, would she still heal? It's all eroding, changing. Maybe she would emerge, renewed, from the rubble. I also like the "piano slipping out of tune" as it relates to the rest of the poem.


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