Monday, January 28, 2013

Prayer for Attentiveness

Prayer for Attentiveness

Eye and ear and brain aligned
as arrow-marked
childproof pill bottle lid and lip,
pushed in to pop
off. A life Zambonied, ice rink
sheen restored
to unseen familiarities: your
husband’s jaw,
the cat’s black jigsaw mask,
the rasp of your
car in the cold that you catch
through a rolled-
down window. The details of
a face, yawning,
the details and mechanics of
skin, relationship,
carpet, potato peeler whittling
down ground-
dwelling vegetables. The ordinary
ordained, not
a vanishing of garbage bags, but
the most garbage
baggiest garbage bags you have
ever laid eyes on.


  1. Taken together with the title, this is a powerful admonition to BE HERE NOW. Love it.

  2. I love the rolling internal rhyme and language play.

  3. Splendid...I was really praying for attentiveness this morning as I lack(ed) it. Sending you loving wishes...

  4. A list poem with a reason to be a list poem... Unlike so many.

  5. Awesome phrasing and wordplay, with excellent rhymes. The ending is killer, well done.


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