Tuesday, January 8, 2013



The potential for decay lives
only within life, so why not
play the host with the most
ghosts, little red blood cell
and skin cell Caspers rising
from you like feathery spores
off a dandelion. You were born
to be a haunted house, a stem,
a seed for family, order, class,
phylum, kingdom.


  1. Quite evocative, Hannah! I especially like this line: "... skin cell Caspers rising /from you like feathery spores / off a dandelion". Such a strong image!

    I also like the hierarchy you build at the end, so in contrast to the opening about decay.

    Will be looking at Bindernagel. Some wonderful work on his site.

  2. I'll settle for haunted house for as long as I can! Love this one.

  3. Sweet. Witness has a call out for ghost-themed writings....


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