Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pretty Please

Pretty Please

Breadth and bevy of nourishment,
and also the bread we need today.

The supersubstantial and the literal,
one in each hand. The necessary

bread, the breath, the bread of air
and water, of the body falling into

rest, and also the bread of beauty,
of beveled and embellished edge.

Bread bathed in egg wash, gleaming,
braided, and a shredded heel of

day-old bread, and bakery-fine
slices, even as Venetian blinds.

Bread we bake towards, the best
bread, and bread of imperfection,

burned. Forever and ever, each
today, give us hunger and bread.


  1. Astounding sound! "B's" and short "e's" were applied masterfully. Long "i's" in the sixth pair made a great assonant lilt.

    The imagery was fantastic and creative throughout. I also liked the prayer wink at the end.

    You're very talented.

  2. This is a wonderful poem, Hannah, for all the reasons Jack cites. Would love to hear it read aloud.

    Benson's artwork is lovely. I'm drawn to encaustic, so this caught my eye.

  3. I like thinking of the supersubstantial and the literal simultaneously...that is a good suggestion Hannah. Happy 2013! : )


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