Monday, December 31, 2012

Fantasy of Fewer Possessions

Fantasy of Fewer Possessions

One plate.
One tool for cutting.
One piece of string,
tied around a wrist.

Unfinished linen gown
dragging through the dirt,
earth clutching at the hem,
don’t leave me.

One sky to hold all the stars,
one plastic bag full of
one million goldfish.


  1. That's clean and different, in a good Dorothea Lasky way, but it actually has some realnness, however hidden.

  2. Must be a big bag, or extremely tiny fish!

    Happy New Year, Hannah!

  3. I like the simplicity of this, how it moves from the prosaic to the astonishing, like that "sky to hold all the stars", from the holding on to the letting go.

    Some charming work at Dan Park's site.

  4. I don't live by the poem's credo, but I surely admire it. (Guess that makes me a hypocrite?). Each image, but especially the goldfish at the end, gives new life to this valuable old idea.


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