Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What Will Happen When the Sun Dies

What Will Happen When the Sun Dies

Pick a forever thing,
and watch it go gooey
or corroded in your hand,
blob of diamond,
desiccated car,
forked-up yolk sun.

Is that inky cloud
a black hole
or a bok globule.

Tell your neighbor,
and pass it on,
keep watching for a new sun,
babies who’ll be here
in a thousand years,
in ten thousand years.

Five million years
equals forever
only to us.


  1. 'Forked-up yolk sun'. A single phrase that beats the best sci-fi imagery!

    Have a cool Yule, Hannah.

  2. Five million years does only equal to forever for us : ) You are brilliant. : )

  3. Some of the most inventive phrasing I've read in a long time. Other poets should be striving for that kind of craft.


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