Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lake and Land

Lake and Land

Lake and land, twinned
when the lake is still.

If the trees go snowpale,
the water matches the hill,

whitens. Fire in the pines
means a picture of fire

shining back from below.
Rabbit darting from the briar

shoots across the water, too,
as if gliding on its back, on ice,

feet up, flailing. See the lake
and the land, and live twice.


  1. Love the sounds in this. Also the c-print that inspired it.

  2. What a beautiful painting...loved it!

  3. Hi Hannah, I love that final line!

  4. twinned

    Sorry, WAS. That was going to be my main point too, but I lack your conciseness. What an interesting way to get at the reflection and doubles ideas.

    Nice rhyming too--seems very natural, and it provides one more kind of reflection or twinning.

  5. Cleverness again! Your output continues to impress me.

  6. Beautiful, Hannah. You handle these two-line stanzas to such stunning effect.


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