Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Why can’t the best part of the song last
forever. What’s wrong with The Chorus
Waltz. Soak the chords in echoes, would
you, I can hold the sound even as it
decays. When the song ends, then where
does it live, the snake back in the basket,
or uncoiling within me.


  1. Connecting, coiling, and uncoiling. I sing some choruses inside me over and over. I play some actual songs over and over...while cooking.

  2. Interesting work from Evans.

    I like your image of sound coiling, rising, settling, starting up again. Nice play with "reverb".

  3. I like the immediate debate ushered by the conclusion. Literal versus philosophical, boundaries versus other boundaries. And, yes, excellent depth to the word "reverb" here.

  4. Ah, "The whammy bar bent on the sunlight" as I wrote so many moons ago. Your last sentence just about covers my life in the past couple months, except without a question. I love the reference to kundalini - I bet you didn't know that was the snake on the dollar sign ($), or that its two pillars are the twin pillars of Hercules, esoterically signifying the polarity (male/female, wisdom/understanding, reason/faith), that one must pass through to reach, in the center, spiritual understanding. The fact that our spiritual keystone is wrapped around the pillars shows the power and limitation of money I suppose. Anyway, good poem, I'd love to see another one called "oscillating fan".


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