Friday, December 2, 2011

Video: Reading at Skylab

Happy December, everyone! On Sunday night, I gave a brief reading at Skylab, and then showed a few video poems (thanks so much for having me, Skylab mad scientists!). I wanted to share two poems with you, especially: "Your Neck of the Woods," and "Pressing Ghosts."

Hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods (and not too cold!).


  1. Thank you for sharing your reading with us, Hannah. I always enjoy hearing your poems. That "pressing ghosts" phenomenon is fascinating, though I hope not to experience it.

  2. Loved it. The language of the face is always a booster for the content of the poem. Bravo, Hannah!
    By the way, my "Echoes" poems is a sound poem. One day, when my apps would catch up with techs I understand, I might record it, too!)

  3. Thanks for those readings Hannah. I really enjoy hearing you read your poetry, and there is just something so wonderful about having poetry read to you.

    I've experienced Pressing Ghosts - both the sleepy and the creative kind! Nice to know the Japanese word, I would like to look further into this folklore.

  4. Sometimes I get nervous about hearing writers read their work, because good writing doesn't automatically go hand in hand with good delivery. Reading to an audience can be more difficult than most people assume.

    So it's nice to see that your voice compliments/enhances your poetry.

    And if you ever end up in Arizona and would like to read somewhere new, just let me know. It would be cool to have you at one of my readings.

  5. Thanks everyone, for the sweet comments! Hope your weekend is lovely.

    Shawnte, if I'm ever in Arizona, I'd love to participate in one of your readings. Should you ever come to Ohio, that offer is open to you, too!

  6. That is great to know. I hope to one day get the chance to take you up on that.

  7. Two of my favorites Hannah, read beautifully.

    By the way I love your pendant. It catches the light.


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