Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just Us Chickens

Just Us Chickens

The you is implied
in any sign, STOP,

you, or hey, you,
this street is called

Liberty Street and
wait for pedestrians,

their human legs
on which they pedal

and propel themselves
across the concrete.

What pronoun would
signs use if they

could, maybe we
or the omniscient I.

What’s the POV
in this story, a student

once asked me,
stripping the letters

from the phrase
fluidly, as we drag

wrapping paper
through the legs of

sharp scissors to cut it.
To ensure privacy,

please turn lock fully
and pull to check,

the sign on the back
of the restroom door

roots for your
modesty by keeping

everyone else out
of the room with you,

grammar curtseying
and tripping over its

skirts to protect the
bond it feels with you:

intimacy so pure that you
mistake it for being alone.


  1. "intimacy so pure that you / mistake it for being alone": that packs a punch.

  2. I had to reread several and still not is just US chickens, isn't it, most of the time, even in the middle of busy life?! : )

  3. Ah, this made me chuckle.

    In a good way, certainly.

  4. I don't even know why I love this poem but I do. Maybe it's the image of dragging wrapper paper through the legs of sharp scissors.


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