Friday, December 30, 2011

Experiment in Text: Clover

Thank you for reading this, now and always. A very happy new year to you, full of pale green things...


  1. I really like how this experiment with the text of your poem, which takes on a different feel when presented like this.

    Thanks for the Mountain Goats piece. Good music!

    Have a splendid New Year's Eve. Wishing you much continued writing success in the coming year. I look forward very much to reading your poetry in 2012.

  2. Wishing you a beautiful new year too Hannah...thank you for making my days more bright with your poems...I like the clover poem on that photo better than without the photo...I understood it slightly differently. I was reminded of the back hills of Knoxville TN where I lived for a few years..,sounds funny, those back hills but they were back hills, a lot of cigarette butts, dead plants as ashtrays..everything grew in the mess that was all over...there was also the low hanging fog....awesome!

  3. Happy New Year Hannah! Thank you for your beautiful poems, beautiful mind, beautiful heart. xoxo

  4. Now the spring is coming, and as the writter says, "a very happy new year to you, full of pale green things. " Yes, everything is full of life.


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