Monday, December 19, 2011

The Consult

The Consult

Doctor, it hurts when I do this,
but I can’t stop doing it.

All habits lead to injury,
eventually. Running weakens

the knees, and reading melts
your eyeballs into hazel stew.

Ew. Even the perfect body
is disgusting, intestines and

blood and hair. Hold on to your
stomachs, it is natural to be

repulsed by the matter splashing
around in you, unceremonious

as a child kicking water from
a fountain, shrieking and giddy

in this new knowledge: look how
much I can do before I get in trouble!


  1. As a nurse, I have to say I love the hazel stew part. Victor Frankl wrote a whole book on this very subject (our relationship w/our bodies, not hazel stew!) and here you've done it in one poem. And I always forget to look at the pic! Your poetry is enough.

  2. In addition to "hazel stew", I also really like "All habits lead to injury, /eventually." That slight pause with the comma is just right.

    Perfect inspiration from the artwork.

  3. "Even the perfect body is disgusting" is a phrase I will think of the next time I regret not having one.


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