Friday, December 23, 2011

Experiment in Text: Unsummoned

I think I was drawn to this image because it is so NOT of the season (I guess that's not entirely true....Hanukkah is "The Festival of Lights," so "The Festival of Pyrotechnics" is just one cognitive door down...). I do like imagining this as a holiday card, though...

A very happy holidays to you, whatever it is that you celebrate! I hope you are enjoying the people and things that you love!

(The text in the image above is from "Unsummoned,"---here is the full text.)


  1. A holiday card that would stand out! I like it!

    Have a wonderful, joy-filled holiday.

  2. This as a holiday card = brilliant. :) Keep up the amazing work, Hannah! You are an inspiration. xo

  3. A happy season to you, too, Hannah!

  4. I love the font choice. Happy Festivities Hannah! xoxo

  5. remember our planet, how nobody asked it if it wanted to be reborn again...


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