Friday, June 17, 2011

Video: Your Neck of the Woods

Multimedia Friday has arrived, and with it, this video poem for "Your Neck of the Woods." I was doing quite a bit of traveling over the last couple of weeks, and thinking about places. Airports, planes, and hotels all have that locationless and disorienting feel to them. That sort of wondering/wandering quality inspired this video.

The music was fun for me...I'd been wanting to experiment with "electric guitar" (well, my lo-fi version that I cobbled together!).

Hope you enjoy the video, and that things are grand in your neck of the woods.


  1. I laughed out loud at the lines about washing your hair! Tiny and fantastic.

  2. This is one of my favorite poems. I like how you set the context. Well-done.

  3. O my god, I cannot bear it...I love this in the multimedia mode...why have you not yet received a pulitzer is what I like to are the best! xx

  4. Still no personal space! It's ok, good things are happening, but I'll have to bookmark this one for next week. I did love that poem :-)


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