Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Menu

The Menu

Here are your options. To begin with,
what will you try. What will be the first
thing you ask for, and the first thing
you put in your mouth.

What beverage will you request.
Will there be condensation on the glass
when it arrives. Do you pour it yourself.

Choose the pieces of your meal
by finding the center. What is the focal
point of your food.

What does it come with. What are
the ingredients. How is it prepared.

What would you like it without.
How will you alter the food you want.
How do you know you want it,
in spite of the changes you have requested.
How inconvenient is what you want.

In the kitchen, who will touch your food.
Whose hands graze the bread,
and whose fingers lift the parsley
from the bowl, and drop it over
your plate.

How will what you have ordered appear
in front of you. Will it match your
expectations. Will it satisfy you.


  1. I have to smile again- the thought always pops into my head that whose hands touched my food..I go out less and less because of that thought.

    You also had to mention the changing of the menu- I have a friend who does that without exception and I find that very annoying, I cannot believe that restaurants actually do that...

    Now I am going to start wondering what the plate will look like too! : )

    Happy Wednesday Hannah! xo

  2. This is why we prefer to dine at home.

  3. Funny, I've been reading lots of Anne Carson lately, and some of her poetry has questions, too, but posed as statements. They made me pause, as does your poem. The periods instead of question marks (to me anyhow) imply a weightier tone, a mood.


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