Friday, June 10, 2011

Audio: Clubs (and Process Talk)

Happy Friday to you, readers--how are you today? How's summer sitting with you so far?

My classes are finished (they flew by!), and this summer I'll be focusing on freelancing (I do editing and consulting--if you need any help with writing/communications projects this summer, don't hesitate to get in touch!), tutoring, some exciting collaborative projects (muahahaha...I can't wait to share these with you later), and submitting my manuscript to many, many places.

I have some audio for you today---I experimented a little and included some comments about why I wrote this poem, and what I was thinking of in working on it. I may keep doing it this way--do you prefer audio of poems with or without shop talk? Does it interrupt the experience of listening to a poem, for you?

Have a listen here:


  1. One of the weird things I loved about this reading was the actual shape of the words as they played on that bar (what is that called) at the top of the page. Your explanation of the poem was random and static-y, but the poem immediately had a defined shape and periodicity. Very cool. Also I thought the poem was brilliant! "Putting holes in you to adorn with pieces of metal." (maybe thats not exact), It was like having my relationships examined by an alien. And the explanation was fine but I'm not sure it added any weight or understanding to the poem. My theory (based on really nothing) is that we bring our own explanation to the reading, and the poet's meanings become palimpsests.

  2. The one class that I teach in spring ended, today is graduation, and someone is giving the commencement talk. For me it is back to the lab mostly....I am glad you now have time to do give me ideas now.

    I enjoy the brief set up for the poem. I know what I think about but like to know what the author thinks about too...I feel this should be the case with songs especially...I also enjoy the neighborhood...and it forms around me rather rapidly...I liked the ending a lot, those people who appear in pictures with me, I am not sure why..maybe we are all the same and not so at the same time. Enjoy the weekend Hannah! xo

  3. I love list/catalogue poems and this one goes to the top of my list to date! Very good to listen to your voice contextualising and presenting the poem.

  4. I agree with Dick. It's at the top of its class.

  5. It's funny, we've got a lot going on right now with college kids home and my sweetie on vacation. I've not had private time to play this audio. Interesting that I don't feel free to listen to your audios unless I'm alone. It's a personal space thing.


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