Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now What

Now What

Some of us are pulled into
secondhand shops.
We wander and touch hems
of other people’s skirts
hung on a silver rack a bit
above waist level,
like a line of invisible girls
pushing anxiously
forward. In the used bookstore,
we go to the scariest
room, the room in which towers
of books threaten to
bury us if we choose the wrong
book to yank from
the pile. We look for the thing
that speaks to us, as if
it has been waiting for us, there
is something in it
we need to be told. In museums,
where the colors
of the walls and the frames around
the art point like arrows.
On the bus, a person stepping on
or deciding to leave.
In the cafe, in the cookie we buy
because it screams
at us through the display case,
on the radio station
or in personal ads or job postings,
isn’t someone seeking
what we have.
Keep watching your email inbox,
most of us keep
waiting for a message from that
sender who has
worked so hard to make contact.
There are only
so many places for the future
to hide from us.


  1. Wonderful details. I like how you bring us through all the tactile, tangible things to the zone of the virtual, which brings the concept of "contact" to a whole new level. Great concluding line, too.

  2. I really like this. Easily my favorite one so far. Outstanding!

  3. I do this all the dang time...always looking for divine messages in the every day. Love this.

  4. I love this...missed you for a few days Hannah...so many things were trying to find me and did not. : )

  5. "only so many places for the future to hide from us" - so desire and science merge...

  6. More often than not, I find sadness in thrift stores, not bargains.

  7. Beautiful poem. I think we're all constantly striving to find meaning amongst clutter. It's that elusive search for meaning that drives us...whether or not we find it is a different story.


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