Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hold Your Horses

Hold Your Horses

Hold your horses,
count to ten and breathe
slowly. Counting shows us
that time continues without us

but that we can see
it if we look with the right
lens, with numbers that are
given to us before we can speak.

There is so much
to know, we will never
know it all. We are angry
for the wounds in others and

the wounds we have
and make. Let us try
not to shoo our anger away,
it has a story for us to listen to.

What could we ask.
What are you hungry for,
or What pain do you know
that you fear has been forgotten.

Hold your horses.
Wrap your arms around
their bodies, talk to them
because they know your voice.


  1. You take this all-too-common phrase and make it your own, especially in the last stanza. Enjoyed this!

  2. I used to use this phrase often but don't remember the last time I did. It's been years. I love the last stanza.

  3. Well, this is quite profound...requires extra thinking...and I love it a lot...and I really want to one day be able to guess your next theme... : )

  4. I love what you have done with the expression "hold your horses." I will be thinking about this, and the questions you ask.


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