Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nearest and Dearest

Nearest and Dearest

In your internal solar system,
what beings have you selected for planets,
sent ricocheting within you.
What fiery thing do you clutch tightest
as it revolves, Mercury.

We inch the beloved close
to us, closer. Does it come from us, or
are we thrown, a yo-yo,
from it. Fondness is the attempt to dissolve
the distance of our forms,

the feet and the arm’s lengths
that prove a dual set of rules, outward
and inward. The space nearest
and dearest to your heart, notice what
you have invited to nest there.


  1. I examine the space near my heart frequently. Here's another poem of yours that I love...I will put it in the near category : )

  2. "Fondness is the attempt to dissolve the distance of our forms." Love that.

  3. I love how you've translated your inspiration from the oil painting, which I'll have to share with my son. Wonderful poem, Hannah.

  4. What a wonderful reminder to evaluate what we hold close to our hearts. That is what shapes us.

  5. I love that question at the start of this poem, so thought provoking.

    I wanted to watch your video but my computer won't let me ...


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