Friday, May 20, 2011

Video: Blogging Panel Footage

On May 5, I was so happy to host an Arts and Culture Blogging Panel as part of Paging Columbus (a literary arts event series I've been organizing). It was a fantastic evening--panelists included Melissa Starker, Bethia Woolf, Jim Ellison, Meghan Willis, Aaron Driggers, and Matt Kish (who was a Storialist-linked artist way back in 2009!).

Here, I've included Part 1 of the panel--the panelists introduce themselves and their work, and talk a bit about how they make the time to blog. How about you? How do you create space in your life for blogging? Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Thank you Hanna, nice job. Now that you got 'bit' by this type of moderating bug most likely you will be doing more of them. I think this your pursuit is wonderful.

  2. Nicely done, Hannah. Thank you for sharing the presentation with us. Have a splendid weekend.

  3. It's so great being around other bloggers, isn't it? Good for you organizing and hosting this event.

    It is hard to create time for blogging.

  4. You are awesome for coming up with this event...I have to come back and visit these blogs a bit later. Wishing you a lovely weekend Hannah! xo

  5. Wonderful panel, Hannah! And it's so nice to see and hear you again!


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