Monday, May 9, 2011

Awareness Awareness Day

Awareness Awareness Day

To raise awareness about awareness.
To cultivate our sensitivity,
our ability to see who is struggling
and who is nearly levitating,
they are so happy.

To practice focusing up and out.
To notice which trees are flowering
and which have been torn away.
To shine a light on how late
it stays light.

To look at what is missing,
and who,
to acknowledge that all of this
is the result of actions and events.
What have we caused.
How do we respond.

To test our antennas.
How perceptive are we.
To take inventory
of necessary recalibrations.

To thumb through dormant thoughts.
What is in us and what do we want.

To open ourselves
to what is here and also what is coming
for one entire day.


  1. "... to see who is struggling / and is nearly levitating" is wonderfully phrased. And such truth in "What have we caused. / How do we respond."

    Love the title.

  2. Awareness Awareness Day? Where do you get this stuff?!? (that's a compliment!)

  3. Awareness sounds like a lot of work!


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