Friday, May 27, 2011

Audio: Lightness

For today's multimedia piece, I chose a song. I wanted to revisit this one (I wrote it last summer) and record it differently (with a lighter hand, fittingly).

The song is called "Lightness," and is all about how light we feel when we stop trying to control all of those things outside of our control. Meeting uncertainty with an open mind and capable attitude can be so freeing (I know a lot about uncertainty as an adjunct instructor and freelance editor!).

Have a listen here.

I hope you enjoy this one. What light/lightness is bringing you pleasure these days?


  1. Word out to ease your uncertainties, Hannah. It's a noble commitment you've made and I'm sure you will be successful and secure (see how the s's and u's just magically flow together!)

  2. I love the poem and the music and your there anything left to not like? Nope!

    What light or lightness is bringing me pleasure? I am constantly trying to remain light, meet unknown with flexible demeanour, to focus on a point beyond...i go inside my head, picture sun, ocean, the cat boys...I exclude the noisy neighbors, the media, the surroundings...I do work at it though! Wishing you a light weekend dear Hannah...xoxo

  3. I love your Audio Friday posts.

    Lightness? Snuggles before breakfast and sewing and singing.

  4. maybe when i get more than two hours sleep and don't have a sick infant i can feel light!

  5. I love the song, your voice, and the lyrics, especially the chorus, and the idea of letting your white space show, and lacing less tightly. Lightness- I'm trying to find it again. It's the simple moments, light, the sun, an appreciation of the sky and green foliage, and changes in weather. I find it in those moments, and sometimes, in simple, free movement. I'm finding it now, in reading your poems, and listening to your music.


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