Monday, May 16, 2011

More Hours

More Hours

It’s not more time we should wish for,
but more versions of us
that we could release.

A succession of selves to help us
split what we do, launching
in different directions

one after another, as a line of planes
filing down a runway
and lifting from the earth

out into every country and context.
Think of the lives you could
make with your selves,

every level of learning and ignorance
you could set out to earn,
every love and profession

you could cover yourself in, like clothing.
Would our staffs of identities
be able to comfort each other,

should any one of us express a desire
for more hours in the day,
more time to get it right.


  1. Oh yes. That's it. Exactly. I'd like at least 6 others.

  2. an entertaining idea, Hannah. i'll think of this a bit. it's delightful. many images come to mind.

  3. One of my readers thinks I have spirits in jars who write all my different poems. Does that count? ;-)

  4. Me too. There are still so many things I'd like to do.

  5. "It’s not more time we should wish for,
    but more versions of us
    that we could release."

    I've never thought of re-adjusting my thinking to time in this way, but yes, it'd be nice to have 10 of me running around, accomplishing something, or reading, writing, dreaming...

  6. I could certainly use more time to get it right.

    How on earth did that image inspire this poem? Your mind is fascinating.


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