Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It Remains to Be Seen

It Remains to Be Seen

It remains to be seen,
the unknown. We do not see it,
and then there is a great unveiling,
a new being before us.

What we know was once
what we did not, and it stood
beside us, hiding, cover ready
to be plucked off

like a canvas tarp draped
over patio furniture. We cannot
sense every covered truth clustered
around us, hovering.

Like mice, for every one
we see there are ten living with us
where we can’t see them. We don’t
know how to look

for them. Right now,
all around you, pockets of darkness
so near to you that you could reach
out and pet them.


  1. Brilliant! True, I'm sure, but never better expressed - not that I know of, anyway!

  2. Oh, this is spooky and beautiful. Another good one, Hannah!!

  3. Pockets of darkness... canvas tarps... ominous but can be petted? Great poem!

  4. You've taken the abstract and made it visual with a canvas tarp and mice and "pockets of darkness". Very well written, Hannah.

  5. Equating pockets of darkness with a pet, seems strange on the surface, but it is a "getting to know you" to find the darknesses, and to tame them. I like your use of "plucked off," in the line about the canvas tarp. It adds an energy and a boost of rhythm to the line. It's interesting, in your poem, the "darknesses" are a truth, that once brought to light, can be petted and tamed.

  6. Ha ha...all the unknown around me, I know it is here. I have always thought one of the greatest thing about the soul-life is seeing. At least I hope that is what happens. xoxo

  7. Reaching out to pet pockets of darkness, this is a thrilling thing to think about.

    "We cannot
    sense every covered truth clustered
    around us, hovering."

    Oh, how this fits into my life right now, perfectly.

  8. I really, really love this one Hannah. That it is exactly what it feels like, hiding right beside us, like the mice we can't see.

  9. mmmmmmmmmmm.... well said ;0)



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