Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good Taste

Good Taste

Good taste, good mouth
closing around it,
good, decisive esophagus,
such a commanding swallow.

Good anatomy on you,
and good skin for covering it
all up, good clothes
on top of that.

Good figure and posture,
good skeleton poking through
in all the right places.

Good ear for language
and music,
good, trusty cochlea
curled up and sleeping
in the warmth of the bony labyrinth
inside of your head.

Good head on those shoulders,
good skull and good old groovy brain.

Good on you for succumbing to evolution
and getting born and being so essentially good
about living with others that you will love
so temporarily.
You make it look so easy,
so good.


  1. What an image that inspired this! Love what you did with it, how you capitalize on that sense of "good enough".

  2. Ha ha...but I promise to love not temporarily but eternally, especially with those poems! xoxo

  3. I love "good skeleton poking through in all the right places."

    The image goes perfectly with this one.

  4. "Good old groovy brain" -- love your brilliant gutsy writing, Hannah, it always surprises.


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