Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Thing for Bags and Shoes

A Thing for Bags and Shoes

A thing, an emotion made into an object
that women have: She has a thing for bags
and shoes. You have known her, or have been her.

An affliction, a desire. It quickens the pulse
of this woman to feel inside the bag, the soles
yet untouched by toes. She lets the leather melt

around her foot or hand, watches her satisfaction
in the mirror. This thing fluttering in her blood
is a safe, strange lust. Pleasure will surely surge

within her during the purchase, as she envelops
her extremities in whatever she pleases,
positions the world at her feet, her fingertips.


  1. yes! I sure do have a thing for BOTH bags & shoes! beautiful work, once again!

  2. Thanks for helping me understand something that's always baffled me.


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