Friday, July 9, 2010

Once Bitten

Once Bitten

As a garden hose cranked shut will still hold
water in its tract, spilling in retraction

As a car clangs and clicks, clock-like, for minutes
after the key is unplugged

Like the memories buried in skin, the burns,
the expansions, the wind

As pillows and mattresses remain depressed
when the sleeper climbs off of them

Like the mouth choosing one corner in which to chew,
away from the tooth already removed

The look toward the open door, watching that
a childhood cat does not squeeze past

The breath you blow over any spooned food
to cool what once seared your tongue

Certain dates illuminated eternally, the reason
for their glowing lost or evaporated


  1. I wait longer than customary for one of your poems, and I find myself anxious!

    This one is a nice breath of cool air in the summer heat -- much appreciated.

  2. I felt breathless as I read this poem. It was like I was running to get to the end. It was as if I couldn't take it in fast enough. Once I got to the end I could take a breath and then read it again.

  3. Strong word pictures and sounds. . . all evanescent in the face of what matters most. Lovely poem.

  4. Hey Hannah, Just wanted to let you know I've tagged you in a meme. Feel free to ignore if you're too busy or not interested.

  5. Dear Hannah,

    Today, once again, you've inspired my life in such a magical way! I've read and reread many of your poems and was swept away to the universe you create with delicate thoughts and genuine sensitivity. I find your perspective on matters presented in your poems so touching, so inspiring. It's quite difficult to put into words how my spirit feels whenever I come by your blog.

    Thank you for making today even more beautiful!

    ♥ Isa

  6. This poem is a window to the world. The pillows & mouth details, amazing all of it!

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  8. I just wanted to add, I love this poem, too, for the images and ideas; the presence as well as the absence.


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