Friday, July 23, 2010

Off Days

Off Days

Days when something is off,
not as in switch not flipped up
but off a track, a spine misaligned
or stuck zipper with fabric shoved
down its throat. Or maybe as in
a sick day, an appointment cancelled
by your better self, unable to perform
the customary whatever. You are cautious
on your off day, creeping up to examine
your own moves and motives. Better to
hang back, wary, a dog sniffing at a stranger.


  1. So very true, and expressed beautifully. I like the zipper imagery, very vivid!

    I know the feeling of off days so well. On those days I really don't want to do anything. I feel so hesitant and unsure, and I can't stand that feeling.

  2. Have you been in my psyche? How did you know? Love it!

  3. so true! I often have days where I am hesitant and nothing seems to be right! You just put into words with the zipper! Simple things like that make me soooo mad on one of "those days"

  4. "unable to perform the customary whatever" "cautious on your off day, creeping up to examine your own moves" Yep, I've definitely had those days- not too many, but just enough, to know that feeling exactly- those days when you just have to call in sick, or do next to nothing - like "a dog, hanging back, wary, sniffing at a stranger"

  5. An appointment cancelled by your better self

    Yes! Sometimes it's better to not.

  6. i'm having a lot of these lately. this is perfect for me.

  7. Will be linking to this in my blog today. Totally captures my mood.

  8. Like yesterday. When I broke a bowl, in the evening, it didn't even surprise me; my actions felt somehow beyond my hands.


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