Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That’s No Moon

That’s No Moon

That’s no moon, that’s a
searchlight, beckoning superheroes,
criminals. That’s no earthquake,
that’s a helicopter grabbing hold
of the windowpanes, rattling them
as you would a collar, transferring
urgency from fist to fabric.

That’s no ditch, it’s a hole
set in the lawn like a dark gem.
That's no dog. I don't know
what kind of creature that is
shaking the evergreen's petticoat.

Normally, it's not this tough
figuring out what is what.


  1. Love the transferring of urgency from fist to collar.

    I see a deer shaking the evergreen's petticoat, or maybe a coyote.

  2. I am entertained by the way you see things, and last night the moon was indeed a torch light! Have a great day!

  3. That's great imagery. I'm with Susan T. I love the "transferring of urgency form fist to collar."

  4. Hi Hannah,
    I love the opening, and the entire first stanza; and all the ways you show, where we can interpret, or misinterpret, what we are seeing. You also capture the excitement of trying to figure out what a "something" is. Young children come to mind, and how they always know exactly what it is that they are drawing, and it's the silly grownups who can't figure it out.


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