Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Storialist Turns Two

The Storialist turns two today (never fear--there will be no tantrums!).

I am so happy to celebrate two years of writing every weekday, of challenging my process, and of connecting with artists, writers, and readers.

Thank you to everyone who has paused here to read my words; I write for you.

Onward! Shall we?


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!! onward and wordwards!!!!!!


  2. I think it's important to note the achievement. Congratulations.

  3. YAY!!! congratulations! your dedication is so amazing, so inspiring. it gives me such a wonderful encouragement to go, go, go. thank you so much for what you do, hannah! happy birthday! :)

  4. Happy blogaversary!!!! I LOVE your blog. I LOVE your writing! You are such a talent. Onward....

  5. Hi Hannah,
    Hooray!!! Happy Two Years Old Today! I love your blog, and your writing, and your dedication, and your support of other writers.I've enjoyed reading your poems for about eight months now, and I'm so glad I found you (though I can't remember how- probably by clicking on one of your insightful comments, left for someone I read). Your poems enrich my life, and make me think and respond, often with emotion! Thank you!

  6. Yes, onward, fo' sure!!!

    Happy happy 2nd birthday! Your blog is a few months older than mine, weeeeeee!

  7. Congrats Hannah! I am SO proud of you! And I'm in awe of all you have done and your amazing work on this site!! xoxo ave

  8. Hannah! CONGRATULATIONS on your second year anniversary! Your dedication is to be commended and admired. Thanks for your daily contributions.


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