Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Perfect Thing

The Perfect Thing

is that cloud,

I mean, that bit of
vapor that was
here, and remains
nestled within my
lung, and then
crawling through it,
a beetle creeping
from one ivy leaf
to somewhere
else, unholdable,
always lovely.


  1. Laurence Amelie's work is so lovely. Great discovery! I especially like her "Robes". Will save the link to feature in a future All Art Friday. Also saw she's on FB.

    Your poem reminds me of those Russian dolls, one folding into the other, and that into still something else, until you reach the last. You set, too, a nice contrast between the ephemeralness of cloud and vapor and the beetle crawling from one thing to another.

  2. Oh, Hannah, another beautiful poem. So knitted and lovely.

  3. Amazing progression, formidable sequencing. The format and handling thereof was outright dexterous.


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