Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All the Humans Asked For

All the Humans Asked For

More freedom, more ability,
this is all we have ever asked for,
over and over.

We asked the caves,
which tossed our own voices back
in response.

We asked the ocean.
The ocean said Shhhhh.

The rocks stared.
A pebble shifted its weight.

The trees sighed,
and the fire cracked its knuckles,

The subway said, Pfftttt.
The stop signs held their breath.

We have inherited our ancestors’ questions,
asked and unasked.


  1. Fire cracking its knuckles...brilliantly creative.

    A stop sign holding its breath is equally good.

  2. Agree with Jack and Maureen.

    My response of my interpretation to its meaning: ...we will then propagate, perpetuate and hopefully leave our progeny with something to subsist.

  3. Gorgeous, love it. Listening.

  4. My favourite part:

    We asked the ocean.
    The ocean said Shhhhh.

    It's all beautiful, though. Love it.


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