Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Family Business

The Family Business

This light isn’t going anywhere
for more than twelve hours,

but what if it did. Couldn’t we
befriend the darkness, carry

candles, slide headlamps over
our noggins and wristlamps

like corsages, like bright watches
over our hands. Placid, starred sky

can become the afternoon, jog
our dogs to the dark park. Take

advantage of the full moon, we
would start saying to children,

go out and play. No sunburns
at the night beach. White or silver

coats gleam from our shoulders,
and mom and pop fireworks shops

spring up on every corner. Go into
pyrotechnics if you want to make

a good living, son, be a fire builder,
remember that folks still like light.


  1. "Noggins" to "corsages" to "watches." Brilliant way to display assonance. The conclusion was great, sensible and fanciful.

  2. Ha ha...very nice. BTW, my father only went to the night beach. I felt it was scary but he liked to swim in pitch darkness...we would go by the water to see him. Happy March Hannah...

  3. Lovely write, Hannah. Some very nice touches, like the internal rhyme and alliterative quality of "dogs to the dark park"; good imagery, too. Gets me thinking about how we regard light and dark, night and day.

    Like the image that inspired this.

  4. I find the most interesting folks via Maureen. Love this. I just watched "Barnham". He agreed with you.


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