Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Dearest Future Humans,

My Dearest Future Humans,

I think of you now
as I watch a copy
of my apartment building
rising where there once
was nothing, a dirt lot
that must once have been
something else, the ground
just doesn’t grow bald
and flat and level.

I think of you, Future Ones,
Pre-Ghosts, in a town hall meeting:
slow ceiling fans, a podium,
a roomful of distressed parents
not even a twinkle in your
parents’ parents’ eyes yet.

What are we going to do about
that old Liberty Lane complex
you are asking, about our just now
being-built building. It’s time to rip
that hazard down, been abandoned
now for so many years.

I’m trusting you.


  1. Pre-ghosts, ha! Very good. Even the brief visit to the town hall meeting was enough to fill my brain with a full scene, how awesome.

  2. A surprisingly real feeling for a speculative piece. This seems like a good thing for us all to wonder about in our own lives--perspective and all--yet I wonder how often we do.

  3. You are very caring I think. I sometimes am only happy that I am not the future human...I dislike immensely the complexes that rise around by one, a beautiful house torn and in its place a cannery of humans...ugh! Were down on our street? : ) Happy Wednesday Hannah!

  4. Sort of a wry version of "Postcard from a Volcano"

  5. Ohh, I have had that thought, too.


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