Friday, October 19, 2012

Video: Seasonally Affected (Revisited)

Happy Friday, everyone! Isn't it?


I wanted to share with you a short video from the last Paging Columbus event I hosted (the theme was "Hello Darkness, My Old Friend). I decided to read "Seasonally Affected," the first poem I ever made a video with (and boy, was it low-tech---I carried my laptop down the street in the snow for that one! And look how long my hairs were!).

This video is nothing fancy (and I got myself in profile, mostly, based on where I put the tripod--I didn't check out where to stand beforehand!), but I wanted to share it anyway. The three readers that night (Jennifer Hambrick, Nathan Moore, and Kelly Kathleen Ferguson) were just'll be able to watch their footage in the next few days, as I finish editing their videos.

A big thank you to everyone who read my poems this week! Hope your weekend brings you more of what you enjoy most.


  1. Great share! This does make me wonder how often I read others' work at a pace or with a cadence they did not intend.

  2. I remember that first video, and how nice it was to hear your voice!


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