Thursday, October 25, 2012



If I am your lifeguard
will you be my lifeguard,
one of us in the water,
one in the chair. Which
would you like me to be,
the one eating a soft pretzel,
or the one sleeping on a
pink towel with a green palm
tree sewn onto it. The one
with her feet in the pool,
sitting on the steps, or the
one in line for the high dive.
I keep thinking there’s enough
time for me to be all of them.


  1. Wonderful imagery in this poem, Hannah.

  2. : )

    Don't mention pools and water...nothing I like more.

  3. At the opening, I thought, "I can call you Betty."

    I viewed the scenes from a first-person view. Hand bringing pretzel close, legs pointing to the horizon, et cetera.


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