Monday, October 22, 2012

The View

The View

Through looking,
we try to prolong
pleasure, clamping
eyes onto landscape,
say, as we would flip
down the metal latches
sealing a guitar case.

What’s farthest away
fades, and is most
beautiful. Mountains
painted in watercolor
on a tarp, tissue paper
ocean that doesn’t seem
to slosh around, not
from back here.


  1. Lovely (as is the picture). Made me think about non-attachment. Even in viewing the beauty of nature....

  2. Lovely poem...I try to look at pretty pictures every day for that very reason...the need to see beautiful views. Happy Monday Hannah : )

  3. I enjoy this poem, and the paintings. I do this- I look long and longingly at what I wish to remember, when I'm on a hike or a walk, or I witness something grand or beautiful, thinking somehow to hold the image and the feeling.


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