Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sign Your Art

I was pleased to participate in a local arts project this week called “Sign Your Art.” A few weeks ago, Columbus artists Stephanie Rond and Catherine Bell Smith (in partnership with the Greater Columbus Arts Council) distributed 6 by 8 inch panels to around 60 Columbus artists. We were asked to create a piece of art on this panel that represented our own work (whatever the genre), and those panels will be hung throughout the city on street signs.

As a poet, I was worried about mine looking good enough to be hung around the lovely pieces by visual artists (I saw one that was done in glass—wow!). But thankfully, I called my creative and crafty mom (check out her Etsy shop here!), and she helped me make something really fun that speaks to my work.

It turned out well, I think! It's an excerpt from one of my poems. I had the idea to include some sort of flowers, and my mom suggested these colorful paper cutouts (thanks for the help, Mom!). It was so fun to be a part of this project—I love how artists working in so many different forms were brought together here.

Even better….this weekend, during the Columbus Arts Festival, 5000 panels (!) will be distributed to the public to complete. What a fun, engaging idea for rallying inspiration around town!


  1. What a great project, Hannah. Yours is a lovely piece.

  2. What a great idea. And I love your contribution--cheerful blooms to complement a wonderful line of poetry.


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