Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Need a Muse? (Kim Keever)

Abstract 10166, 24×27″, 43×48″, 2014

"Abstract 10166," 2014, by Kim Keever

Abstract 10166, 24×27″, 43×48″, 2014

Should you find yourself in need of a muse today, how about the incredible abstracts of Kim Keever? Keever creates these Fantasia-esque colorscapes in a tank (be sure to check out these studio shots). So beautiful!

Think of this as a virtual "Need a Penny/Take a Penny/Leave a Penny" inspiration dish. If you have a muse to leave, please give us a link in the comments!


  1. I love the blog of Ashley English: She lives on a small farm near Asheville, NC, and she writes all sorts of books, but mostly cookbooks. Great photos of recipes she's created, gatherings of friends, the beauty of the nature that's part of those Appalachian mountains.

    1. Thank you for sharing Ashley's blog, Kristin! I looked through her site a little, and those recipes look great.


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