Monday, June 22, 2015

How We Meet

Image of the lovely Broadturn Farm, via their site
 How We Meet
for Geraldine and Jim

To locate love plant your heels
and select your spear and then run

Shores will call out to you
You will be required to wander

toward one another through snow and wilderness
on fire and a place where the ground is gone

Back at home there will be a shelf
of green plants not native to your kitchen

Plants travel so far just to show you
how brave all life is

If love is travel and it is
If love is home and it is

If love brings you chaos
and its container and it does

If love is medicine and it is
I swear that these stories are true


This is the love poem that I wrote for my friends' wedding! It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding day at a farm, complete with dancing in the barn, an enormous tent, lawn games, ice cream cupcakes, a charming farmhouse (and cats and pigs and chickens), and a huge amount of love. I was so honored to read this poem during the ceremony--congratulations, Geraldine and Jim! 


  1. What a lovely gift, Hannah.

  2. beautiful. truly. xxxx


  3. these words is such a nice setting for the table set by their wedding

    very nice mi amiga


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